Who's Rising Now? 5 Artists to Watch in July 2019

Written by Cillea Foughton for Taste of Country (7/1/19)

Lena Stone checks off all the boxes of a hit songwriter with her catchy melodies, enticing lyrics and relatability in her storytelling. A staple in Nashville’s all-female singer-songwriter troupe Song Suffragettes, Stone is helping to lead the charge of powerful female writers in the city with her endearing songs. She demonstrates this in “Running Out of Red Lights,” a catchy pop-country tune wrapped around the universal story of going back to the person you can't break free from, while the equally charming “October” continues to reflect her songwriting talent as she captures the feeling of comfort to disconnect in a former relationship. Her latest single “Kids These Days” finds her critiquing the millennial way of life through thoughtful lyrics and a bubbly melody, both of which contribute to what makes her a standout artist.

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