Pop Dust: Lena Stone Is Something Special

Written by Thomas Burns Scully for PopDust (5/25/18)

Every artist you listen to, you do so for a different reason

You listen to Zeppelin when you want to rock out. You listen to The Mountain Goats when you want to feel something complicated. Lena Stone is an artist you listen to when you just want to feel good about life. Her music is the auditory equivalent of watching The Office. It's fun, enjoyable, and even though it touches on some of the deeper sensations of life, it's always easily palatable, and each portion leaves you ready for another one.

Stone is a native of Massachusetts, now operating out of Nashville, and she's been on the up and up for a while now. 2017 saw Stone releasing solid singles and writing popular songs for artists such as Kalie Shorr. Last month heralded the drop of her latest single, Running Out of Red Lights, and, as of today, her brand-new self-titled EP. The album consists of five tracks and they are all something special.

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