Metiza: Lena Stone Is Changing The Role Of Women In Nashville

Written by Hannah Richardson for Metiza - 3/22/18

Lena Stone is a blonde bundle of dynamite who, at twenty-four year old, has written over five-hundred-songs and never sipped a single cup of coffee. “I like tea!” she laughs. Amid the old-school glamour and classic traditions of Music City, Lena Stone is on a not-so-secret mission to change country music for women in Nashville, TN and, like Agent 99 from Get Smart, is doing it with some sass along the way.

With big, blue eyes and lips that curve into a knowing smile, Lena’s effortlessly flirty personality and business smarts are making waves Music City, changing the game for women in country music. Today, she chatted with me, upbeat and happy over the phone, gushing over a Women in Music mixer she is going to tonight (“I’m so excited!”).

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